an anthology of modern noir fiction


the boulevard

of broken dreams

In this anthology of twenty-two crime stories there are crooks and crooked cops, lost and missing persons, those running and those hiding, femme fatales, avocados, downbeat PIs, deadbeat insurance investigators, hotel detectives and unsavory gangs, those doing wrong and those done wrong by, fated lovers and failed robberies; even Inspector Maigret at the infamous château in Roissy. Why not take a shot?

The table of contents is as follows:



Out of Town – Tim Lees
Salamander – Douglas Thompson
Savour Life – Jamey Gallagher
Time To Say Goodbye – Roxanne Dent
Avocado Noir – Charles West
The Also-Rans – Benedict J Jones
A Stretch of Ground – Grant Tracey


Payday – Saira Viola
Slap Happy – Andrew Humphrey
The Last Best Thing – Mia Dalia
Reciprocity – Cate Moyle
Shall We Not Revenge – Gary Fry
Blow Jobs and the Meaning of Noir – Maxim Jakubowski
Going Clean – Gabriel Heller


Film Noir – Yvette Viets Flaten
Neon Graveyard – Melissa Pleckham
Fifty Shades of Maigret – Rhys Hughes
Angel Wings – Jenean McBrearty
Slimeball – Leif Hanson
The First Suspect – Brian Howell
The Liao Women – Song Gao Lei
Highway 29 – Mike O’Driscoll

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