People I Know Are Dead

Who Do We Know Who Have Died?

When ex-cop turned PI, Mordent, is contracted for a surveillance operation he soon becomes suspicious as to his employer’s intentions. Who is the man in the apartment block opposite, and what is the nature of his relationship with the woman next door? Whilst Mordent puzzles over the pieces, he has time to remember people he has known who have died.

Meanwhile, Mordent’s informant friend, Hubie, asks him to tail his girlfriend, Catherine, suspecting her interest in the BDSM scene is greater than she has admitted. As Mordent unravels Catherine’s seemingly platonic relationship with local businessman, Ransome, connections lead back to his original assignment and an abandoned investigation into a series of killings within the local Vietnamese community.

Could it be that everything is intertwined?

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Cover art by Edouard Noisette