Our Authors

Andrew Hook is a European writer who has had success in a variety of genres. His crime fiction consists of four novels and a collection of short stories, some of which were originally published by Telos Publishing but which have been edited and reprinted through Head Shot Press. Andrew is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and is the convenor for the East Anglian Branch. For more information and for details on his non-crime writing fiction visit his website or find him on Twitter.

Andrew Humphrey is the author of two collections of short stories, both published by Elastic Press. Open The Box appeared in 2002 and Other Voices, which was one of the winners of the inaugural East Anglian Book Award, in 2008. His debut novel, Alison, was published by TTA Press also in 2008. Described as East Anglia’s laureate of loss and alienation, Andrew’s short fiction has appeared in Crimewave, Midnight Street, Black Static and The Third Alternative. He lives and works in Norwich and has a reluctant presence here on Twitter.

Maxim Jakubowski is a London-based former publisher, editor, writer and translator. He has compiled over one hundred anthologies in a variety of genres, many of which have garnered awards. He is a past winner of the Karel and Anthony awards, and in 2019 was given the prestigious Red Herring award by the Crime Writers’ Association for his contribution to the genre. He broadcasts regularly on radio and TV, reviews for diverse newspapers and magazines, has been a columnist for Time Out London and The Guardian and has been a judge for several literary awards. He is the author of twenty novels, including The Louisiana Republic (2018), his latest The Piper’s Dance (2021) and a series of Sunday Times bestselling novels under a pseudonym. He has also published five collections of his own short stories, until the present one. He is currently Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association and is working with actor Tom Hardy as Executive Producer for a new FX Disney crime series based on the novels of his close friend, the late Derek Raymond. www.maximjakubowski.co.uk

Called ‘a writer of considerable energy’ in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, John Travis is the author of six books – two short story collections, Mostly Monochrome Stories and Gaseous Clay and Other Ambivalent Tales; two novellas Greenbeard and Eloquent Years of Silence; and two previous Benji Spriteman novels, The Terror and the Tortoiseshell and The Designated Coconut, the former attracting the attention of several Hollywood film companies. His many short stories and novellas have been published in anthologies and journals such as Terror Tales of Northwest England, Nemonymous, British Invasion and in both volumes of The Humdrumming Books of Horror Stories, his story from the second volume, ‘The Tobacconist’s Concession’ appearing on the 2009 shortlist for a British Fantasy Award. He’s also had his work praised by TED Klein and David Renwick, and had an invisible poem read out on Radio 1 by John Hegley. Writing what he can, when he can, if by some miracle he ever did make any money from his stories about talking animals and various haunted objects and people, he’d like to move to the country or the coast, possibly Scarborough, and live in a detached house surrounded by books, films and musical instruments.