The Clutches of Mimi Bouchard

A Cat Crime Caper!

Benji Spriteman is a detective.

He’s also a sentient, six-foot tall, suit-wearing, tortoiseshell cat.

Since the world was changed overnight by The Terror – where humans were eradicated and much of the animal kingdom moved from four legs onto two and took over their roles – Benji has run his former owner’s detective agency, but work – and Benji’s confidence – is drying up. So when pawnbroker’s Willie and Sascha Chomsky approach Benji over what seems to be a neighbourly dispute with the hair salon run by Mimi Bouchard, Benji considers the case as little more than something to occupy his time.

But when the dispute escalates into murder, Benji finds he has much more work on his paws.

The Clutches of Mimi Bouchard is a noir-styled murder mystery unlike any other. Suitable reading for dog or cat owners alike. No animals were actually harmed during the writing of this book.

Praise for previous work:

Animal Farm meets The Big Sleep in this quirky but compelling hard-boiled mystery – Publisher’s Weekly

The Wonderful World of John Travis is one of literary beguilement, surreal chills and the kind of wry dark humour that makes you question your own reality – Gary McMahon

Cover art by Shu Yamamoto

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