Death Has A Thousand Faces

Nineteen Stories of Sex and Death

From New Orleans to London to the Caribbean, within this new collection of short literary crime stories Maxim Jakubowski draws on his past to explore twinned themes of the erotic and the murderous. Interlocking sequences forge a sense of skewed biography, his characters intent on undermining happiness, pursuing detrimental goals that they are powerless to resist. These are quintessential noir tales underpinned with unassailable sexual power.

“I’d always been a glass half-empty sort of person, luxuriating in a sense of doom and familiar to defeat, whether it was in matters of the heart or seeing my books quickly take the direction of remainder bins. Which is why I was so taken by the criminal poets of despair, the empty streets and deceitful women of Cornell Woolrich and his customary downbeat endings in which I somehow found a sense of beauty.”

The hard edge of Henry Miller and the redeeming grief of Jack Kerouac – Ed Gorman

Both savage and tender, Jakubowski leaves no perversion unturned – Ian Lowry

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