Our Books

To date we’ve published the folllowing:

Four novels in the Mordent PI series by Andrew Hook and one collection of his short stories.

Two books by Andrew Humphrey, a novel, “Debris”, and “A Punch To The Heart”, a collection of short stories.

Additionally in Autumn 2022 we published “Death Has A Thousand Faces” a collection of noir short stories by Maxim Jakubowski, and “The Clutches of Mimi Bouchard”, a Benji Spriteman novel by John Travis.

In March 2023 we published “Bang!”, our anthology of modern noir crime stories, featuring twenty-two stories from a variety of authors.

Our books are available both as traditional paperbacks and ebooks. They’re priced affordably. Please consider a purchase (especially if you’re considering sending us a submission. It helps to know what we like). Check out the tabs above for more information.