The Immortalists

Is There Life After Death?

When ex-cop turned PI, Mordent, is hired to investigate a missing person case he sees the job as an easy paycheck. When the boy, Patrick, turns up dead Mordent thinks his search has come to an end, but the mystery is only just beginning. Patrick’s mother claims the corpse has aged beyond his death.

When a second body appears similarly aged Mordent gets pulled into rival gang leaders’ quests for immortality, a race where the objective is not to finish. And it becomes personal when Marina, a psychic, disappears after she has tipped off the police about the whereabouts of the second body. Mordent had unfinished business with her…

The Immortalists is the first of a series to feature Mordent; an irascible, anachronistic PI with a noir sensibility and bubblewrap fetish.

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